Blake operates to supply an affordable service to those wanting high-quality, professional headshots in Sydney, Australia. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to update that bread-winning 8x10, you've come to the right place.


  • Performers Headshot + Hair and Make-up Package - $510.00

  • Performers Headshot only - $360.00

  • Additional Re-touched Images - $25.00 each

  • Corporate Headshots - $220.00

- Headshot services include three re-touched images of your choosing, finished in both black & white, and colour.
- Corporate headshots are priced per photo.
- These files will be in an 8x10" dimension for when you print your images, unless requested otherwise. 
- Printing services are also available with a processing time of up to 6 working days. 

General Sessions.

For when you’re putting together material for your next show, or looking for someone to capture that special event or moment.

  • Photography Service Per Hour - $180.00

  • Screen Test / Audition Service Per Tape - $85.00

  • Commercial Rates - $720.00 Per Day / $450.00 Half Day